We love traveling.

We believe travel can be used as a positive force. It can evoke empathy, bring people together and tell meaningful stories.
By connecting people to exciting, memorable and sustainable travel experiences, we're setting the stage for more accurate and well-rounded stories. Stories that capture the spirit of a place and provide the lens for a more optimistic future. Stories of involvement, empowerment, and accurate representation.
We work with local communities and businesses to create the best experiences for everybody

authentic ugandan experience

Authenticugandanexperience.com is a marketplace where you will find curated experiences in communities across Uganda.

You get to experience trips that are designed to be enjoyable and authentic for every traveler. Try out the amazing food and drinks, Dive deep into culture and the things that make Ugandans unique, adventurous treks, immersive cultures, exciting shows, and so much more that you won’t find with traditional tour companies.

We over see in every step of your journey, matching you with local communities, local hosts and responsible tour operators. This is called community based tourism, a form of tourism that allows local residents to be involved while emphasizing community development

Our Vision

Create opportunities for locals, communities and businesses, to better their livelihoods through tourism.

opportunities for the local authentic Ugandan Experience

Our website gives you instant access to curated travel experiences, in-depth content, unstaged photographs,ability to customize experience social impact reports, real user reviews, and news to help you plan your trips better

• Large selection of responsible travel experiences • Approved local hosts and tour operators
• All experiences contribute towards a social cause • Secure safe and fast booking.
• Purchase Local Artisans Crafts Online • 3% of the booking goes to a charity of your choice.

A member of switch green tours & safaris group.