Rolex is a classic Ugandan street food. The basic idea is eggs cooked with cabbage, onion and tomato which is then wrapped in chapati. 

To prepare a Rolex in the true Ugandan spirit, a few steps must be followed.

mug or cup must be used to mix the ingredients together.

A standard to over-sized mug easily holds all the ingredients for a 2-egg Rolex. The high sides make whipping the mixture together a splash-free activity.

Second, the egg mixture is poured onto a hot, well-oiled pan and spread out with the same spoon used to whip the eggs.

Once the first side is cooked, the eggs are flipped over. They should be lightly browned.

The bottom side will brown less – but you’ll be able to see those pretty ingredients…</spaan

As they cook, the hot eggs steam and soften the harsh crunch of cabbage and onion, while also stewing the tomatoes. A good dash of salt brings the flavors together into a crave able bite of Uganda.

While the eggs are still in the pan, they are topped with a large chapati. The steam coming off the eggs will soften the chapati and make it easier to roll.

Finally, many Rolex are wrapped in newspaper for serving.

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